DAHON K3 で全国を輪行制覇したい。。。

Visc EVO 【サイクリング】御殿場から籠坂峠を越えて、山中湖へ! Visc EVO [Cycling] Crossing Kagosaka Pass from Gotemba to Lake Yamanaka!

初めてのVisc EVOでの輪行です。Visc EVOを連れて行ったのは、籠坂峠を越えるからです。駿河小山駅→金時公園→道の駅するがおやま→須走浅間神社→道の駅すばしり→籠坂峠→山中湖→忍野八海山梨県立リニア見学センター大月駅の65㎞を走行時間3時間30分で走りました。Visc EVOですが、K3より約3キロ重くこの重量は輪行するにあたりかなり面倒になります。また、折りたたみサイズも大きくなるので、電車がすいている時間等も考えなくてはいけません。そして、折りたたんだ際の高さが高いため、電車の加速減速で倒れやすいので、しっかりとホールドさせる必要があります。

This is my first time riding a Visc EVO. The reason I took the Visc EVO with me was to cross the Kagosaka pass. Suruga-Oyama Station → Kintoki Park → Roadside Station Surugaoyama → Subashiri Sengen Shrine → Roadside Station Subashiri → Kagosaka Pass → Lake Yamanaka → Oshino Hakkai → Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Tour Center → Drive 65km from Otsuki Station I ran in 3 hours and 30 minutes. Although it is Visc EVO, it is about 3 kg heavier than K3, and this weight is quite troublesome when traveling. In addition, the folding size is also large, so you have to think about the time when the train is not crowded. And because the height when folded is high, it is easy to fall down when the train accelerates and decelerates, so it is necessary to hold it firmly.


There were many hikers at Suruga Oyama Station, the starting point. Get off the station, go through the residential area, and soon you will arrive at Kintoki Park. There are some ups and downs from Kintoki Park, but it is not so far from Michi-no-Eki Surugaoyama. Oyama-cho is Kintaro's hometown, so I'm guessing Kintaro.


After passing Michi-no-Eki Koyama, it is a quiet climb up to Subashiri Sengen Shrine. K3's 1st gear is too light and doesn't go well, and 2nd gear is a bit heavy and tight, but I was able to choose a comfortable gear with 2 front and 10 rear gears, and climbed easily. As soon as you leave Subashiri Sengen Shrine, you will find Roadside Station Subashiri, so take a break here. It was impressive that there were many road bikes and mountain bikes at Roadside Station Subashiri. There is only one mini velo road for mini velo.

道の駅すばしりを出ると、籠坂峠までひたすら登り。自転車も結構いるので、少し安心します。Visc EVOのフロントをギアのインナー39tのありがたみがわかります。39tー25tの組み合わせで、時速10㎞前後しか出ませんが、足をつくことなく登りきることができました。K3であれば3㎞くらい押して上ることとなったでしょう。

After exiting Roadside Station Subashiri, climb all the way to Kagosaka Pass. I have a lot of bicycles, so I'm a little relieved. You can see the value of the inner 39t of the gear on the front of the Visc EVO. With a combination of 39t and 25t, the speed is only around 10km/h, but I was able to climb without getting my feet stuck. If it was K3, it would have been about 3 km to push up.


After crossing Kagosaka Pass, it's a quick descent to Lake Yamanaka. The maximum speed exceeds 50km/h, but the brakes of the PROMAX482C are quite unreliable, so be careful not to go too fast. When you arrive at Lake Yamanaka, you can leisurely cycle while enjoying the flat and beautiful scenery. I didn't have time to go around the lake, so I skimmed about a fifth to Oshino Hakkai.


After passing through the Yamanakako area, you will head to the Oshino Hakkai area. The distance is not a big deal at the point in the near field. Having a bicycle made it easy to get around all of Oshino Hakkai. It takes more than an hour to walk, so the mobility of the bicycle is demonstrated. However, in the center of Oshino Hakkai, there are so many people that you have to push and walk.


It's quite a distance from Oshino Hakkai to Yamanashi Prefectural Linear Center, but it's a downhill road on the main road, so it's going to be fairly fast. However, the scenery is not good, so I just digest the distance. Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Center was more interesting than I expected. You can see the mechanism of the linear and the vehicle that actually runs over 500 km.


It is about 5 km from Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Center to Otsuki Station. I will return by train from Otsuki station.