DAHON K3 で全国を輪行制覇したい。。。

DAHON K3 【サイクリング】小山~結城~下野 小さな城下町と寺社巡り DAHON K3 [Cycling] Oyama - Yuki - Shimotsuke Small castle town and temples and shrines tour


It is a route that enters Yuki City in Ibaraki Prefecture from Oyama City, which is an important railroad transportation point in the southern part of Tochigi Prefecture, and returns from Shimotsuke City. When I think of Oyama, I have an image of Oyama amusement park, but it's been a long time since there was an amusement park. Today, the Utsunomiya Line, the Tohoku Shinkansen, the Mito Line, and the Ryomo Line run through this town, which has developed as a transportation hub in the southern part of Tochigi Prefecture. In the olden days, the Nikko Highway ran through this castle town, and there was even a castle. First, head to Mamata Hachimangu Shrine in the Mamata area. This is a big shrine around here, and the pond and autumn leaves on the site were wonderful. After Mamada Hachimangu Shrine, head north and enter the city. After visiting Oyama Castle Ruins by Suga Shrine, head to Yuki.


Head west from Oyama City to Yuki City. Yuki is famous for Yuki Tsumugi. After visiting Takedasuga Shrine, stop by Tsumugi no Sato and visit the ruins of Yuki Castle. Even though it was a castle ruin, nothing remained, and it felt like a park on a small hill.


Go north from Yuki City and enter Tochigi Prefecture again. We visited Takai Shrine, which enshrines the god of cooking, and took pictures at the nearby Koi/Koi Road. After that, Fudoki runs to Oka, and the return is back from Koganei Station.