DAHON K3 で全国を輪行制覇したい。。。

DAHON K3 【サイクリング】沼津から富士防潮堤サイクリング DAHON K3 [Cycling] Cycling from Numazu to Fuji Seawall


A route that runs over the seawall from Numazu Station to Suruga Bay. It runs on an almost straight and wide road until near the park where you can see Tagonoura Mt.Fuji and the port. There are basically no general cars except for intersections, so you can enjoy driving. From the park where you can see Mt.Fuji and the port, I ran a little bit in Fuji city and went to Tomichi Rokusho Sengen Shrine, and it was a bicycle from Fuji station. The distance is approximately 27 km.




Head to Suruga Bay from Numazu Station. Please note that the seawall is quite limited in places that can be climbed.

When you climb the seawall, you can see Suruga Bay on your left and a pine forest on your right. It feels great when there is no wind. You can also see Mt.Fuji here and there.

The course can be on the seawall or along the seawall.




In the park where you can see Mt. Fuji and the harbor, there is something like a stupa. . .

From here, I stopped by Tochi Rokusho Sengen Shrine and headed for Fuji Station. Sengen Shrine is a shrine that has a deep connection with Mt. Fuji, so I want to visit as much as possible in this area.