DAHON K3 で全国を輪行制覇したい。。。

DAHON K3 【ポタリング】佐倉市歴史の道とアウトレット DAHON K3 [Pottering] Sakura City History Road and Outlets



People who ride bicycles love Sakura City. Followers of instagram and twitter and people who are following everyone will upload Sakura City. The reason for this is that the Inbanuma cycling road is easy and fun, and the windmills and flower gardens of Sakura Furusato Hiroba are picturesque. In addition, there are many other attractions such as lavender fields that are just a short distance away by bicycle.

This time, we went from Sakura Station to Sakura Furusato Hiroba, climbed Hiyodorizaka on our shoulders, and headed to the samurai residences. From there, return from Keisei Shisui Station by Kawamura DIC Museum of Art and Shisui Premium Outlets. The distance is approximately 37km. Although there are some ups and downs, it is roughly flat and easy pottering.