DAHON K3 で全国を輪行制覇したい。。。

DAHON K3 【サイクリング】爆走サイクリングロードDAHON K3 [Cycling] Ride a long cycling road

DAHON K3の走行性のはいかがなものかということで、ロングライドにチャレンジ。


I challenged a long ride because of how good the running performance of DAHON K3 is.

I ran about 85km in the cycling low domain. The weather is about 2 meters headwind on the outbound route and about 2 meters tailwind on the return route. I don't feel like I'm flying to the limit. The height difference seems to be about 430m in total, but it is almost flat. There seems to be 10m ups and downs per 1km. The maximum speed is over 40 km. The fastest 5km lap is 12 minutes 12 seconds (24.6km / h). The fastest lap is from 60km to 65km in the latter half of the tailwind. My impression is that I ran a lot, but it seemed like I could still go. There are many fierce men who are over 100km a day, so I would like to try next time. However, it's hard to just run without any destination.